From nearly ten years as a freelance member of a Flash animation team at Nike to directing a fifteen-minute YouTube video explaining a Portland State University professor emeritus's proposal for an Oregon ballot initiative campaign, from rewriting for style and clarity the complete text across the website of a TED-X recognized autism advocate to appearing as a recurring guest on a Los Angeles comedy podcast whose other guests included movie and TV stars, directors, and producers, from building a fully disassemblable, animated, interactive laser printer for Hewlett Packard to conducting cover-featured 20 to 34 page interviews telling the life stories of cartoonists for a magazine covering the comic book industry, from spending a year debugging two internationally distributed pieces of illustration software for Macromedia (later absorbed by Adobe Systems) to serving as a performance photographer for two local rock bands (building a website for one of them as well), my diverse career experiences for the most part share a common thread. I love helping people and businesses tell their stories to the world (as well as sometimes getting the chance to tell my own). This pursuit weds my affinity for empathetic listening to and observation of others' needs and aspirations with my lifelong love of computer-assisted creative expression. If you have stories and ideas you need to explain to the world, I take great pleasure in helping to spread the word.


Payment in cuddles gladly accepted.