Los Angeles comedy writers and producers Jason Nash, Jeff Bumgarner, and Pete Bumgarner started this show in the early days of podcasting when both Jason and Jeff were experiencing fatherhood with infants for the first time and freaking out about lack of progress in their show business careers (which later blossomed with Jason writing/directing/starring in the Comedy Central film "Jason Nash is Married" and Jeff becoming producer on the TV show "Storage Wars").

"Guys With Feelings" episodes alternated between highly personal conversations by the hosts (which sometimes even turned into on-air feuds that could last for multiple episodes), guest appearances by/interviews with the hosts' connections in the entertainment industry, and appearances by a collection of unknown oddballs who appeared from time to time to talk about their lives. The latter was my role on the show. I did not know the hosts when I started getting on "Guys With Feelings," but the show had a telephone line on which listeners could leave messages that sometimes got played on the show. I started getting my calls played, both because the hosts thought some of my jokes and weird voices were funny (sometimes unintentionally) and because they thought it was funny how "out there" I was as a personality.

This series of answering machine messages eventually led to me being invited to call into the show as a guest sometimes to talk directly with the hosts and sometimes getting to chat with their comedy business guests, such as executive producer of "The Simpsons" Matt Selman, comedians Jen Kirkman ("Drunk History," Chelsea Lately") and Paul Scheer ("The League"), actor/comedy writer Matt Price ("Men of a Certain Age," "Regular Show), and comedy writer/director Michael Blieden ("Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," "The Daily Show").

The highlight of this period was getting invited to fly down to Hollywood where Jason treated me to a room in the swanky Roosevelt Hotel and I appeared live on stage at a special Guys With Feelings comedy show at the Upright Citizen's Brigade theater. The show I was part of also included comedy actor Andy Daly ("Review," "Semi-Pro," "Eastbound and Down"), writer/producer Tami Sagher ("30 Rock," "How I Met Your Mother," "Broad City"), actor/writer Steve Agee ("New Girl," "The Sarah Silverman Program"), comedians The Sklar Brothers ("United Stats of America," "Cheap Seats"), actress Laura Silverman ("The Comeback," "Nurse Jackie," "Dr. Katz"), writer/producer Dan Sterling ("The Interview," "Girls," "The Office"), comedian Erin Gibson ("Throwing Shade," "InfoMania"), reality show producer Jim Dougan ("Clash of the Ozarks," "Ghost Hunters"), reality show producer Seth Margolin ("Shipping Wars," "Call of the Wildman"), writer Eric Friedman ("Crank Yankers," "The Tom Green Show") and many of the other comedy personalities I mentioned earlier in the previous paragraph. Later on, I was invited to appear in a couple of GWF's live shows in Portland with guests Patton Oswalt, Eddie Pepitone, Janeane Garafalo, and David Koechner, but I was intimidated by the proposals for the somewhat humiliating activities I'd be doing on stage to amuse a large hometown audience, and so declined.

In addition to getting to appear on the show from time to time, I sometimes helped Jason Nash with the show behind the scenes, producing some "Best of" episodes of the show which I compiled and edited, and even getting to write a few jokes for a live appearance Jason made as his character "The Shaman." Jason wrote me this wonderfully kind recommendation based on this time in our lives: "I've known Jeremy Pinkham for 10 years and during that time he has proven to be an extremely talented editor and writer. Jeremy has a great eye for boiling content down to its essence and a brilliant sense of story. I met Jeremy making my online radio and TV show 'Guys With Feelings where he edited countless episodes and comedy bits for the show. Jeremy also made a short form documentary that chronilized his life in Portland that has always stuck with me as one of the most powerful video pieces I have ever seen. He is trustworthy, has a great heart and is the definition of a team player. And may I also add: a wicked sense of humor."

(Side note: I also had some less frequent but also well-received recurring joke calls on the San Francisco Chronicle podcast "Tim Goodman's TV Talk Machine," beoming known as a strange character on that show to the point I heard myself mentioned on it over a year after my last call. On that program I was known as "Jeremy from Portland," unlike on "Guys With Feelings," where I got nicknamed "Hammy" or "Pinkhamster").


Payment in cuddles gladly accepted.